Batangas and Balisong Knives Prove to Be Much Stronger Than Many Assume

by | Mar 5, 2024 | Knife

Regardless of whether you call them Batangas blades, balisongs or butterfly knives, these fine Filipino blades are actually much stronger than most people might have imagined. Due to the fact that they offer such a wide range of movement, it’s common to believe that butterfly knives must often snap or otherwise break apart. Moving parts often translate into points of failure, so this belief is at least grounded in reality.

Unlike most other folding knives, balisongs don’t rely on a mechanical lock or any other intricate components. They’re simply a pair of handles attached to a blade by a single joint. Rather than introduce a single point of failure into the design, this actually makes them quite durable because there’s very little that could go wrong with them.

Over time, two different but related technologies have been incorporated into these knives to make it easier to open them. Bearings are sometimes introduced into certain knives, which help to make opening them a much faster proposition. Other blades include washers that help to offer a greater degree of control. Both of these should remain quite sturdy throughout the regular lifespan of the knife.

Some collectors will improve their blades by replacing the washers with higher quality ones, and others might periodically replace them as they wear out. In either case, the underlying blades should still remain sturdy no matter what choices the user ends up making.

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