Baldor Electric Motors: The Servo Motor

ABB embraces several companies, including Baldor Electric. Motors produced under the Baldor name cover a wide range of options. These include both AC and DC options. Among the possible electric motors available in Texas for industrial use are Baldor AC and DC servo motors.

What Are Servo Motors?

Servo motors (aka servos) are self-controlled electrical devices. They rotate and/or push components of machines with high exactitude. The most common application of servos is in applying motive power in automation and other technologically advanced devices. For example, a servo can adjust the speed of cars and aircraft. All it must do is revolve the shaft attached to the engine throttle. It is also responsible for the extension and detraction of DVDs and CDs in various players.

Types of Servo Motors

Servo motors fall into different types – the categories based on their applications. Among the most common types are:

 * Brushless DC

 * Brushless AC

 * Continuous rotation

 * Linear

 * Positional rotation

Servo Baldor electric motors are available in both AC and DC options. The AC SSBSM series of brushless servo motors is designed to address applications requiring hygienic motors that are capable of handling constant washdowns. This includes many of the food and beverage industries in Texas as well as those who operate pharmaceutical concerns.

Baldor is also responsible for producing the rugged and highly durable BSM N- series of AC brushless servo motors. These work within the fastest and most demanding machines globally. They are integrated into capping machines, cut-to-length, insertion, indexers, marking/labeling and robotics,

Baldor Electric Motors: Producing Durable, Precise Servo Motors

Baldor is responsible for producing a high-quality, durable line of motors. Their versatility includes different categories and types of electric motors. Servo Baldor electric motors are one solid example of the company’s dedication to providing customers in Texas and beyond with durable, reliable, efficient and accurate motors.

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