Bakery Delights in Chicago

by | Jan 8, 2014 | Baked Goods

Everyone loves a good pastry, whether it is a Danish, a Donut or a Parisian Croissant. A bakery in Chicago could have a huge assortment of pastries and sweet delights for any taste buds to enjoy. A pastry store—or patisserie—hails from France and is a specialized bakery that sells breads and pastries of all types and from around the world. The word comes from patissier—the French term for a pastry chef—and is used as a general term of acceptance around the globe, recognized in many countries.

Patissiers train for many years to perfect the art of pastry making. They may begin life in a kitchen where they will wash dishes and learn how to make pastry. Then, they will graduate to a stage where the head pastry chef will allow them a little room for learning and producing their own pastries. Training can take many years, but the joy that a pastry chef gets from seeing people enjoy their produce is probably one of the most satisfying experiences.

Around the World

Most pastries in the United States are based around the idea of sweets and desserts, but there are some countries that offer savory pastries as well. The United Kingdom, for instance, has a long history of producing savory pastries such as Cornish Pasties, Sausage Rolls and cheese croissants. The pastry is the same but instead of using sweet fillings and dressings the savory element gives them another dimension and allows them to be eaten as breakfast lunch or dinner in the same way as a sweet pastry. Cornish Pasties are a very common and popular savory dish in the United Kingdom and they are filled with potato, meat and vegetables. They were originally created out of necessity to make a ‘rib-sticking’ meal for farmers who had been outside working all day and needed a filling and nutritious meal in the evenings or for lunch.

The French, however, tend to favor sweet pastries and therefore when you go to a French patisserie you are more likely to see sweet croissants, Danish style pastries, and many other styles with a huge variety of ingredients and toppings. People enjoy a tasty sweet treat and whatever their preference most patisseries will have something for everyone.

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