Badly Hurt in a Car Crash? Hire an Injury Lawyer in Palatine

A car accident is scary and can be physically devastating. It can also create a lot of emotional distress if the injured person finds out it was caused by someone playing a game on their tablet while driving. They will always wish the person had been paying attention to the road. Distracted driving is a form of negligence. That means the injured motorist is entitled to money to pay for medical bills, lost wages, emotional trauma and pain and suffering. As soon as he is able, he should contact an Injury Lawyer Palatine.

Recovering from multiple injuries such as cracked vertebrae, broken bones or traumatic brain injury takes a lot of time and effort. The injured person doesn’t have time or energy to learn the rules to file a claim with the negligent driver’s insurance company. Their Injury Lawyer Palatine will handle all of the details for them. He will even meet with them in their hospital room to make life easier. Once the person hires a lawyer, the insurance company has to deal with that lawyer.

This protects the person’s rights. Insurance adjusters often show up in a person’s hospital room to make them an offer. To an out-of-work person without health insurance, that money is very tempting. However, they should know it’s probably a very low offer compared to what people in similar situations have gotten. If they sign that offer, they will also be signing a clause that prevents them from ever asking for more money. There is nothing their Injury Lawyer Palatine will be able to do help them.

The insurance adjuster may also show up with a medical waiver. He will state that it’s so the insurance company can efficiently review their claim. He will imply that it’s just for the current medical problems. However, the waiver is really for all of the injured person’s medical records. Insurance company employees will scour this information looking for a reason to deny the claim.

Anyone who has been hurt in an accident can contact the Therman Law Offices Palatine for free consultation. A lawyer will review the facts and determine if they have a case for obtaining damages. Click here for more information.

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