Bad Roof Designs to Avoid When Talking to Roofing Contractors in Tulsa

The roof is a actually a composite of layers that keeps out the outside element. It is a necessary function of the home and one of the most expensive items to replace. However, there are some roof designs that cause headaches in both homeowners and businesses.

One of those roof designs that is ultimately flawed is the flat roof. Flat roofs have a tendency to hold pools of water. This pooling water increases the chances of deterioration of the roofing layers. Thus, flat roofs often develop leaks sooner requiring multiple repairs. They will also need to be replaced much sooner because of the high probability of water intrusion. While they are safer for contractors to work on, they can be a major expense for homeowners.

Another roof design that is flawed is the steeply pitched roof. While it is great at redirecting water, the roof’s pitch is a significant safety issue for Tulsa Roofing Contractors. Often, repairing a roof after a storm will cost more because of all the safety things that have to be used to repair the roof. More safety harnesses, ladder harnesses and safety personal are needed. A plan of action is also required to prevent injuries.

The concave roof is also a problem design that plagues homeowners. While it is similar to the flat roof, the big difference is that the roof is pitched inward. Usually, this is a result of bad construction. The water that falls onto the roof runs toward a specific spot in the middle of the roof. That spot then becomes susceptible to leakage. It can never truly be fixed unless the whole roof is redesigned. The problem will keep happening.

These are a few roof designs that have a bad reputation with homeowners. They can cause problems that are difficult to solve such as dealing with water damage or ensuring that workers are safe when repairing the roof. Sometimes, they cost more to repair than a regular roof and damage can be reoccurring. Homeowners in Tulsa would be better off discussing some better roof designs with McPride Roofing especially if they are planning on building their own dream home.


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