Auto Insurance in Scranton, PA Remains Mandatory

If you wish to legally operate a vehicle within the state of Pennsylvania, you are required by law to maintain Auto Insurance in Scranton PA, to maintain financial responsibility for the vehicle. Any lapse in coverage can lead to your vehicle registration privilege being suspended for a period of three months. The only exception to this is when the lapse was under 31 days and the owner can prove the vehicle wasn’t used during this time period.

If you did operate the vehicle without insurance, the state may suspend your driver’s license for a period of three months, and you may be required to turn in your registration sticker, driver’s license, and license plate during the suspension. Before you can have your driving privileges or registration returned to you, you must be able to prove that you have insurance once again and pay the required restoration fees. The easiest way to avoid this is to always keep your auto insurance coverage in place

When you are stopped for a moving violation and it is found that you didn’t have the proper insurance coverage, the state may impose penalties. These range from a $300 dollar fine to a three month suspension of your registration and/or driver’s license. In addition, you may be required to pay restoration fees to restore the license and/or registration, and the vehicle may be impounded by the state. For this reason, auto insurance is necessary at all times, as you don’t want to be subject to these penalties.

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