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by | Jan 16, 2013 | home and garden

For many, the purchase of new furniture presents a sizeable investment. Often furniture owners will want to do whatever it takes to make sure that investment is cared for so that it can last as long as possible. Quality upholstered furniture can be quite expensive. After your upholstered furniture is used day after day it can start to show serious signs of wear. Instead of dealing with a piece of furniture that looks far beyond its years, you can turn to an Austin upholstery cleaning company to get your furniture cleaned, cared for and back to looking its best.

You can often find professional Austin upholstery cleaning services through the same reliable technicians that offer professional carpet cleaning services. They will use similar skills, training and tools to make sure that your upholstery gets cleaned the right way. The best upholstery cleaning services will actually utilize a form of steam cleaning in order to care for the unique fibers found in most upholstery. Looking for a company that offers steam cleaning for their upholstery care services is important however you will also want to find a company that mixes steam cleaning services in with dry cleaning as there are a few types of fibers that cannot accept water and that will actually get damaged from traditional upholstery cleaning solutions.

When it comes to professional Austin upholstery cleaning services, whether steam or dry cleaning is being utilized, a few basic things should be accomplished by professional upholstery cleaning. First the right cleaning service will be able to get deep down into the fibers and remove dirt and dust. This is important as these are the things that work to make your upholstery look older. Even if there are no visible stains if you feel as though your upholstered furniture looks warn it is because there are dirt particles rubbing against the fibers in your upholstery like sandpaper and causing them to look damaged.

Another thing that professional upholstery cleaning will help you with is that it can help remove stains from food, markers, pens, pet accidents and more so that you have stain-free upholstery that looks like new. Finally, many people will turn to professional upholstery cleaning services because they know that their upholstered furniture is actually holding in harmful dust and allergens. By removing these allergens from the upholstery with professional cleaning services, you can be certain that you are only breathing fresh and clean air but that your home and your furniture is safe and sanitary.

The professionals at K&M

Steam Cleaning provide professional upholstery cleaning to those in the Austin area. Visit them online at for more information and to get started with their services.

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