Athletic Trainers are Key Players in Preventing Sports-Related Injuries

The reality for any sportswoman or sportsman who wants to perform at their optimum level is that physical activity is inseparable from injury prevention. The CDC reports that a lot of injuries caused by sports activity are preventable and predictable. One way athletes can accomplish this is by working in a structured exercise program with an athletic trainer. Experts have found it is during regular practice when over 60 percent of all organized sports injuries occur. No different from a trainer in the midwest or west coast, an athletic trainer in Wayne NJ plays just as critical a role in identifying, preventing and treating injuries for athletes in training.

Athletic Trainers are Adaptable in Partnerships with Physicians
In collaboration with physicians, athletic trainers work with amateurs and professionals to provide therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of medical conditions and injuries, preventive services, clinical diagnosis, and emergency care. It is required that an athletic trainer do his or her work under an overseeing doctor who provides direction. With a supportive and directing health care professional, athletes and coaches seek sports trainers to establish personalized or team-oriented training programs in varied settings,

which could include any of the environments listed below:

  • Clinics
  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Amateur and pro sports organizations
  • Performing arts
  • Corporate workplaces
  • Military
  • Public safety services

Athletic Trainers Specialize in Injury Prevention

It’s not just in the areas of prevention where skilled trainers offer the most benefit but also in the rehabilitation and evaluation of orthopedic injuries. Athletic trainers in Wayne NJ can also provide concussion management and manual therapy to their trainees.

One training approach that an experienced trainer will take with an athlete’s conditioning is to focus on mobility and flexibility. This most often neglected area in sports training is essential for reducing and preventing injury.

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