At Home Care for Routine Extractions in Washington DC

While the thought of having a tooth removed isn’t exactly appealing, many people find themselves needing routine extractions in Washington DC. Sometimes, the dentist will decide that the tooth needs to be removed right away. Other times, patients have an opportunity to prepare themselves for the procedure. Either way, it is important to understand how to take care of the affected area and how to prevent complications.

Dealing with Sedation

Patients are typically sedated while a tooth extraction takes place. This makes it easier for the patient to relax during the procedure, and easier for the dentist to get the job done efficiently. But once a dental patient comes out of sedation, it isn’t uncommon for them to feel a little drowsy for the next several hours or even throughout the entire day. Rest is one of the best options once the patient gets home. It is important to be aware that some patients do experience nausea after anesthesia.

Pain Management

Patients typically do not feel a lot of pain immediately following routine extractions inWashington DC. Medication provided by the dentist during the procedure will take care of the discomfort. However, there is no doubt that, eventually, the medication will wear off and patients will need to address the pain. It’s important to listen to the dentist’s recommendations when it comes to what type of and how much pain medication should be taken. To help with soreness, consider putting an ice pack on the outside of the mouth where the extraction took place for twenty minutes.

Water, Water, Water

Staying hydrated is an important part of caring for an extraction. Some patients will resist the idea of putting anything into their mouths because of the awkward feeling or the pain. Regardless, drinking plenty of water will allow a person to stay hydrated and avoid other complications. In addition to drinking water, it is a good idea to rinse the mouth with water and a little bit of salt several times a day. This helps keep food away from the extraction area and assists in preventing infection.

Need a tooth extraction? Contact Capital City Nurses for more information about the procedure and what you can expect as far as recovery.

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