Asking Pediatric Dentists in Silverdale Wa Whether Electric or Manual Brushes Are Better for Kids

As parents of young children consider the best oral hygiene products for the youngsters, they want products that are easy to use and very effective at cleaning teeth. Knowing that electric brushes are easier for individuals with trouble gripping the handle, they may wonder whether these devices are suitable for kids. Pediatric Dentists in Silverdale Wa can provide knowledgeable insight. Many pediatric dental practitioners do believe that electric brushes have advantages for children.

The Fun of Electric Brushes

First, children may be more motivated to brush when they are using a device that seems fun to use. In contrast, they may not feel very inspired to brush for a full two minutes with a manual brush. A high percentage of youngsters are reluctant to brush as they should. They may even resort to faking it by running water over a manual brush and putting it back in the holder.

Making Manual Brushing Fun

However, Pediatric Dentists in Silverdale Wa can recommend other ways to encourage kids to brush for a full two minutes. One would be for the parents to allow the child to watch something on TV for that time or to listen to a favorite song while brushing. They might get to read a comic book or other entertaining material for the two minutes it takes to thoroughly brush.

Methodical vs. Unsystematic Brushing

Kids who are impatient and fidgety may have trouble adjusting to an electric brush since the device is intended to methodically clean one tooth at a time. A manual brush can clean several teeth at once as it is swiped back and forth. Children who prefer the extra activity instead of basically just holding the handle will actually like the manual product better.

Additional Tips

No matter which device children use, they should be brushing with fluoride toothpaste to prevent cavities. That’s important for both baby teeth and permanent teeth. Parents can floss the children’s teeth until the kids have enough small motor coordination to effectively hold and maneuver the string or a floss holder. More tips on keeping small mouths healthy will be provided at a clinic such as Dentistry for Children.