Ask A Roofing Contractor in Franklin About Roofing Materials

Did you know that there are many types of roofing materials? Did you know that asphalt shingles are not the only style you can purchase? If you are looking to change the look of your home or repair a roofing issue, here are a few material options you may not have ever thought about requesting from a roofing contractor in Franklin.

Wood Shingles: These shingles can be found on colonial style American homes and, contrary to what you may think, this type of roofing actually lasts at least 30 years! Red or white cedar are the most common woods for this type of shingle, and the look is simply beautiful! While not all roofers install this style, it is worth finding a company who does.

Slate: The cost of a slate roof can be quite pricy, but the chances of needing much repair are small. Slate rooftops last between 90 to 400 years. Because slate is solid stone and is used to the elements, it is an ideal material for your roof. Slate comes in several colors, and can transform a normal-looking home into something extraordinary.

Copper: Could you imagine having that beautiful reddish-brown shine for your home? Copper roofing, while expensive, is long-lasting and lightweight. This beautiful material is unique because, over time, it changes from the wonderful, shiny red-brown to an exquisite dusty green (think The Statue of Liberty…). This material is also recyclable and the longest time span for a copper roof is around one thousand years. Imagine never having to replace your roof.

Ceramic: Ceramic is most popular in the Central American style, or Spanish homes. While, again, this material can be pricy, the long-term upkeep is slight, and the look is absolutely gorgeous. Ceramic is also long-lasting, with the average durability of about 100 years.

Solar: This material is probably the most fascinating. While very durable, solar shingles also create energy that can eliminate utility bills and even make you money. (Did you know energy companies will pay you for NOT using energy?!) Solar panels/shingles are not very difficult to install, and if you want to hire a roofing contractor in Franklin to do the work for you, your options are pretty good.

Roofing options are vaster then you thought. Branch out and find a material you love, as opposed to the norm. Every home deserves to be unique, and changing your roof alters the look without changing the structure.

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