An Ooze Tube Tree Watering System Makes It Easier to Keep Your Trees Healthy

Homeowners often realize the importance of keeping their trees watered in order to keep them vibrant for years to come. However, they are frequently so preoccupied with life – ranging from jobs to school and caring for children – that watering a tree in the front yard is simply not high on the priority chain. Fortunately, a tree watering system can handle this task for you so that you can remain focused on everything else competing for your attention.

Watering System Information
One popular irrigation system is called the Ooze Tube, which was patented by an arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. This system gradually drips over a two-week period, which ensures that your tree gets the perfect quantity of water. The system is so unique because it helps to promote the growth of tree roots by gradually reducing the output of water as the system’s tube becomes empty. When the water is reduced, the roots begin to grow down and out so that a healthy root system is established. You can even take advantage of the system’s extra drip emitters so that you can easily control and boost the water drip rate as needed.

System Benefits
Additional benefits of the Ooze Tube include the fact that you can easily irrigate your trees for a couple of weeks without having to refill the system. You can also effortlessly water trees that are located in remote areas. The system’s low profile permits air to circulate so that your trees can grow well. Furthermore, the Ooze Tube is easily repairable and reusable. This system is a cost-effective way to keep your trees healthy.

Additional Information
The Ooze Tube system comes in various sizes to meet your specific needs, including the 15-gallon, 25-gallon and 35-gallon options. The 35-gallon system can be used on a tree whose tree trunk is 5 inches or less in diameter. However, you can connect multiple systems to fit wider trees. The 15-gallon system is suggested for trees that are 2 inches in diameter, while a 25-gallon version is indicated for trees that are 4 inches in diameter. A high-quality tree watering system truly can help you keep your yard looking majestic long-term.

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