Allergy Testing in Elizabethtown, KY: About Allergic Asthma

When one has an allergy infection, their immune system reacts even to substances that are not allergens. Most allergies can be easily controlled once you know what your body reacts to. Asthma is one of the major forms of allergy whose cure has not yet been found, but can be kept under control. Some people are born with asthma while others are infected later in life. In extreme cases, chronic allergic attacks can lead to loss of life. It is recommended that you get Allergy Testing in Elizabethtown KY, whenever you get into contact with allergens.

Signs of allergic asthma

People diagnosed with allergic asthma complain of the following symptoms prior to testing:

1. Coughing that never seems to go away
2. Wheezing while breathing
3. Frequent experiences of short breath
4. Tight chest and breathing fast

How asthmatic attacks happen

When suffering an asthmatic attack, the respiratory system is covered with mucus that makes it hard for one to get enough air. If first aid is not administered immediately, the results could be serious and can even lead to death. Asthmatic people mostly carry with them an inhaler in case the allergy is triggered.

Triggers of asthmatic attacks

The following are the most common allergens that are known to cause allergy and trigger asthmatic attacks and how you can avoid them.

1. Dust mites – these are microscopic organisms commonly found in dusty areas. Ensure you stay away from dusty areas and, if you have to do dusting, wear protective masks.

2. Animal saliva and dander – As much as you love your pets, avoid them if they cause an asthmatic reaction.

3. Pollen – It is wise that sufferers stay indoors especially when they suspect that the outside is highly concentrated with pollen.

4. Mold – when you inhale mold particles, you are likely to get an allergic infection. If you are asthmatic and your home has mold growth, let another person or a professional clean it to avoid inhaling the particles.

Apart from the above allergens, there are other irritants that do not trigger an allergic reaction, but can cause an attack. They include extreme emotions and cold, polluted air, smoke from tobacco and strong odors from perfumes and other chemicals. Allergy Testing in Elizabethtown KY can help pinpoint triggers.

It is wise that you get allergy testing done at Accredited Asthma Allergy and Food Intolerance Center of Elizabethtown KY. For more information, contact Doctor C. Steven Smith, MD from website.

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