All You Need to Know About Waterjet Systems

Waterjet services make use of water under high pressure to cut and design a wide variety of materials. They are widely used in building circles and engineering to cut materials. The cutting process involves forcing out of water at super high speed allowing the material to cut accordingly. A waterjet cuts many types of materials, which include:

* Stone and ceramics

* Metals-bronze, steel, aluminum, titanium, brass and other metal alloys

* Concrete

* Composites

* Glass

* Rubbers and plastics

* Wood

* Marble

The waterjet cutting process is environmentally friendly as it eliminates usage of harmful chemicals and hazardous elements. Waterjet cutting machines have high cutting capabilities and efficiency. There are both manual using controlled machines to carry out the cutting process efficiently.

Waterjet services are also crucial in removal of scaling from inside pipe work. Equipment used involve use of very small plunges that can fit in pipes of very small diameters. As pipes often bend, the waterjet machines must be flexible enough to enable it to conform to the changing conditions.

Waterjet services are different from laser cutting in many ways, which include:

* Uses water under very high pressure this enables it to cut a variety of materials with a large range of thickness. Laser jets cutting has a limited range of thickness and materials

* A waterjet uses no heat therefore it cannot damage or adversely affect materials that are affected by heat

* Versatility; waterjet systems cut numerous materials and is flexible; can cut materials ranging from aluminum to plastic

* Cleanliness and time; unwanted substances are not left on finished products unlike laser jet cuttings.

* Safe; waterjet applications do not produce poisonous gases or dust particles hence allowing other activities to take place without restriction.

Unique benefits of waterjet services

* Do not produce hazardous particles and gases unlike grinding process

* Minimal fixture requirement

* High productivity resulting from multi layering and multi head cutting

* Cold cutting without any thermal influences

* Processing of high quality products

* Environmentally friendly

* The systems are easy to learn through the use of unique user friendly computer applications

* Generates low heat as heat produced is absorbed by water and transported to the tank.

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