Air Conditioning in Olympia: Tips to Help Stay Cool

The Olympia climate can be surprisingly warm for this lowland, southern Puget Sound location. The weather can shift dramatically hotter when the winds are from the land and can last for several days. Combined with high humidity this can result in uncomfortable living conditions – both outside and inside your home. However, air conditioning can relieve the discomfort, and allow you to live comfortable on the inside, while it is roasting on the outside.

Cooling the air on the inside (in one way or the other) is essential to improving the quality of life when it’s hot outside. Other than the comfort provided by a unit on your property that provides the air conditioning, Olympia residents can enjoy more comfort and efficient cooling in their homes by following these 7 tips:

7 Cooling Tips:
1. Landscaping: Strategically planting trees to block the southwest sun will cool the house and reduce the energy consumption for the air conditioner.
2. Attic Fan: Use in the evening to exhaust the hot air from the home to the attic and outside, while drawing in the cooler evening air through the windows in the house.
3. Ceiling Fans: Room fans move the air and thus feel cooler.
4. Window and Patio Shades: Pull the shades on windows facing south to block the hot sun and keep the home cool.
5. Awnings: Install outdoor canvas awnings over patios, decks, and windows to block the sun.
6. Clean or replace the air filter in the air conditioner once a month.
7. Cleaning and inspection of the chilling coils annually by a professional.

Key Solution for Central Air Conditioning: The Programmable Thermostat
The Department of Energy recommends the use of a Programmable Thermostat to reduce energy consumption by up to 20%. By simply programming warmer temperature settings for “away,” a cooler setting for “sleeping,” and a comfort setting for “weekend” will utilize energy efficiently. Not only is this useful for central air conditioning, but it will work for the heating requirement of the home during the winter months.

By utilizing the above 7 cooing tips, you can ensure a more energy efficient and cooler indoor climate in Olympia. Don’t sweat it!

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