Air Conditioning and Heating Repairs in Mooresville NC

Everybody wants to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but sometimes your heating and/or air conditioning system breaks down. This is when you want to call a company that will take care of your Air Conditioning and Heating Repairs Mooresville NC. Air Dynamics MS LLC is a privately owned HVAC contracting company that has been in operation since 1923. Air Dynamics provides service to both residential and commercial customers, and every brand of equipment can be worked on by certified technicians to ensure efficient operation. Anyone in the Mooresville and Charlotte areas of North Carolina will tell you that this is the best company to call for HVAC service.

To avoid emergency AC and Heating Repairs Mooresville NC, it is wise to set up an annual maintenance program with Air Dynamics. This way a service tech comes out once or twice a year to check your system for proper and efficient operation. The heating checklist includes cleaning the furnace burners, adjusting the gas pressure and the furnace pilot operation, and adjusting the air flow for correct temperature rise. The tech will also lubricate all the moving parts in a furnace and/or heat pump, and they will inspect for rust and cracks in the heat exchanger. Plus all electrical connections are checked as are the safety control draws, the heat anticipator settings, and the thermostat.

The check of the air conditioning system includes cooling coil and condenser coil inspection, primary and secondary drain inspections, adjustment and cleaning of the blower components, and adjustment of the thermostat. All moving parts will be lubricated, and all loose connections will be tightened if needed. The tech will check the refrigerant for proper charge, and he will monitor the amperage and voltage draw on the motors. Any parts that are on the verge of failing will be replaced to avoid any nasty surprises down the road.

Air Dynamics MS LLC will provide a free estimate for new and/or replacement residential HVAC systems as well as for light commercial systems. The company uses a “flat rate” to price their services, and all technicians have a copy of the rate book so they can quickly tell you how much a repair or replacement will be. Prices are very competitive, so you should have no problem affording the services.

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