An Affordable Countertop in Stevens Point, WI

Long ago, countertops were installed and covered with laminate. However, this material often needed replacing because it stained easily, scratched often and frequently bubbled, burned or tore. A solution to this issue allowed a high degree of wear and tear to take place and not damage the countertop. The solution also improved the entire aesthetic of the area and increased the appraisal value of the dwelling. This new type of countertop material came in the form of granite or marble. These two materials were chosen because they are durable and can withstand an insurmountable amount of heat, sharp objects and is easy to clean.

Granite and marble are two natural stones that are often found inside the layers of the earth’s crust. Granite is so unique that no two pieces of slab are the same. This is because depending on how deep it is found within the earth will determine: the amount of speckles, lines and coloring. When you want to select a natural stone for your countertops, you should only choose experienced professionals trained extensively in knowledge of natural stone mining, cutting and polishing. Most importantly, the professional should also be able to record the appropriate measurements for the area where the cut stone will be installed.

Stone Innovations has professional local fabricators who are well trained to make precision stone cuts and effortless installation. Full quartz, granite and marble slabs are also available in the showroom for viewing. Samples may be cut to take with you to help you decide which coloring and type of stone you want to have. Consultations with the client, contractor and designer are encouraged to ensure everyone is aware of the choice selections at the same time, which allows for easier adjusting if needed during the consultation.

The journey of finding the perfect customized countertop in Stevens Point. To ensure that your project receive the best price quote for your customized Countertop in Stevens Point, WI area, extensive competitor research is completed by the service professionals so that you can rest assured that you receive the best competitive pricing. Timely installation and flawless workmanship is guaranteed on every project.

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