The Advantages Offered by Using Carbon Steel in Seattle, WA

Steel has been used since ancient times. In fact, what archeologists and historians refer to as steel was mainly carbon steel. For those who wonder what carbon steel is, it’s a metal alloy made up of iron and carbon. Due to the simple makeup, this type of steel offers many advantages over other types of metals. It was used in ancient times in an array of areas, including Rome, India, Africa, and China.

In the past, though, it wasn’t used for construction, like it is today. Instead, it was used for the creation of swords and other popular weapons. The fact is, just like in the past, Carbon Steel in Seattle, WA, offers a wide array of benefits. Some of those are found here.


Carbon steel is both strong and shock resistant. As a result, it’s an extremely safe choice for piping, construction and for supporting modern roads. This specific type of steel isn’t prone to rotting either, like many other types of metals.


When compared to other materials, steel is extremely safe to handle and to work with. It is also a great material for building homes that are able to stand up to earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and fires.

A Green Option

It’s simple to recycle carbon steel. In fact, this is one of the easiest materials to recycle, which makes it extremely environmentally friendly.

An Affordable Option

For several purposes, like carbon piping, carbon steel is able to be made extremely thin compared to other material options. As a result, it’s an extremely cost-effective solution. For example, pipes made of carbon steel are more affordable than those made of copper pipes.

There’s no question that Carbon Steel in Seattle, WA, offers a wide array of advantages which make it an extremely popular choice for many projects today. For more information about carbon steel and why it should be a go-to material for all sorts of projects, contact the professionals from Specialty Metals. Those who are interested in learning more can also visit online to see what carbon steel has to offer and some of the most common modern uses for it.

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