Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coating in Tacoma Wa for a Manufacturing Environment

Epoxy Floor Coating in Tacoma Wa allows industrial building managers to keep the concrete flooring looking great. The coating makes the surface able to withstand the demands of these environments, with a variety of production processes along with traffic from forklift trucks. This type of heavy-duty use requires the right floor covering or damage will develop relatively quickly. In addition, the aesthetic quality helps make the interior of the building look impressive to any customers or potential clients who pay a visit.

Epoxy Mortar

An Epoxy Floor Coating in Tacoma Wa known as epoxy mortar tends to be the best product for this environment. This is the toughest epoxy coating available at the present time. The epoxy is combined with quartz sand or graded sand. This makes it remarkably durable as well as resistant to various types of chemicals that could hit the floor.

Cleaning up Spills

Employees should be put in charge of taking action when something could cause damage to the epoxy flooring. For instance, although the coating is resilient against most chemical spills, the substances still should be wiped up as soon as the problem is noticed. Highly acidic liquids can cause the coating to bubble; battery acid is an example. Of course, employees must follow all safety measures when cleaning up these spills.

Professional Application

It’s possible to assign the task of applying epoxy coating to employees, but commercial establishment generally prefer to hire a professional contractor such as Coatings Plus. They want the end result to be as near to perfect as possible. They don’t want to see any flaws in the coating. They also want the work to be finished as quickly as is feasible, since the process is time-consuming even when done by the pros. This is because multiple coats are necessary to ensure that the floor system lasts for many years.

Colors and Texture

The building owners and managers can choose colors they want and an appearance of texture as well if that is preferred. A clear coat is layered over the top of the others, giving the floor an appearance of depth and shine.

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