Adult Mental Health Services

Between 2015 and 2050, the proportion of the population who is over 60 will climb from 12 percent to 22 percent. Statistically, over 15 percent of those over 60 suffer from a mental disorder.

While most adults enjoy excellent mental health, there are those who are at risk of suffering a mental disorder or substance abuse problem.

At any stage of life, people face multiple risk factors for mental health problems. Life stressors are common to all, regardless of age. Stressors that affect the adult population include a decline in their functional capacity, dementia, facing multiple bereavements, or a drop in status due to retirement.

Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Adults

Adult mental health services in Minnesota are designed to meet the unique needs of the older sector of society. These services include:

Health Promotion

The mental health of older adults can be improved by exposure to an active and healthy lifestyle. Age-specific considerations include the creation of living conditions that support their wellbeing, thus allowing them to live a healthy and productive life.


It is essential that mental or substance abuse disorders in adults be recognized and treated as a matter of urgency. Psychological intervention, along with medications, is often recommended. Although there is no medical cure available for dementia, a great deal can be done to improve the quality of life of those suffering from the condition including:

  • Early diagnosis promotes effective management
  • The optimization of well-being and mental health
  • The detection and management of potentially challenging behavior

Adult mental health services in Minneapolis are a very important part of promoting effective mental health strategies. Those working with older adults must be trained to deal with issues and disorders unique to older people. It is important that the long-term care of older adults, especially those with mental disorders, is the focus of comprehensive services.

Adult mental health services in Minneapolis are available from Options Family & Behavior Services, Inc. For details and further information, visit our website.

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