ADHD Alternative Medicinal Choices

Some of the main health issues in children these days is ADD—attention deficit disorder or ADHD—attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. These mental conditions are said to arise from a poor diet and too many sugar laden drinks , but there are other schools of thought that suggest other possibilities too. However your child may have contracted either of these conditions the chances are they will have been prescribed a controlled substance to combat the symptoms. ADHD can prevent your child from focusing and they may also be hyperactive, have insomnia or uncontrollable behavior.

It is possible that with less stimulating foods and drinks the illness can be controlled, but if the symptoms are particularly severe, medicine may be the only alternative option. Most doctors prescribe drugs like Adderall but may parents are finding that side effects of some drugs might cause more problems than they are attempting to solve. This may require them to look for more natural Adderall alternatives to help them manage their child’s condition.

Stimulant and Non-stimulant options

There are options for treating ADHD on a more non-stimulant basis, such as Strattera, which is said to help ADHD symptoms and reduce the effects of anxiety in children and adults. Before you buy any form of alternative medicines to control the symptoms of ADHD or ADD you should do plenty of research to make sure that the ingredients will not cause any unwanted side effects. If the medicine is for an adult you should also find out their medical history and make sure they do not have a history of heart conditions, heart attacks or glaucoma. Anyone who suffers from extreme anxiety should also be extremely cautious before taking Adderall or Adderall alternatives. Speak to your doctor about possible natural choices if you do not wish to take the recommended Adderall for your symptoms.

Prescribing medication is generally done on a personal basis, whereby your doctor will assess your medical history, to ascertain any possible reactions. You may be prescribed Methylphenidate instead of Adderall, or perhaps Ritalin or Concerta. These are all alternatives which may act as instant release drugs. There are also controlled-release versions of alternative drugs for ADD and ADHD, but if you are uncertain which ones to try, check with your primary care physician.

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