Acquiring Liquor Insurance For Your Business

Any business that serves or sells alcoholic beverages is required to acquire liquor insurance. This insurance protects against liabilities associated with these sales. Among these liabilities is the risk that patrons will leave your establishment intoxicated and become involved in a car accident. This is also a common liability for stores that sell alcoholic beverages. If you intend to serve or sell alcohol within your establishment, you should consult your preferred insurance agent to learn how to acquire liquor insurance.

The Backlash of Selling Alcohol

Stores that sell alcohol are faced with numerous liabilities. Among the most common are the risk that a sales clerk will sell alcoholic beverages to someone who is already intoxicated. The backlash of the sales clerk’s actions is that if that intoxicated patron becomes involved in an accident, the first task of law enforcement is to determine who sold them alcohol last. If someone is injured during this accident, then the victim or their family have an actionable claim against the store. The claim will include that the sales person sold the alcoholic beverages to the already intoxicated individual and ultimately played a part in causing the injury.

By acquiring liquor insurance, your company is covered and protected against this liability. Does this mean that the victim cannot file a lawsuit in which you are included? No, it means that your business is covered and if the findings of the case are that you are at fault your policy will cover these expenses. The policy that you select may provide you with legal counsel to fight the litigation process. To determine if this service is available to you, it is imperative for you to consult your preferred insurance agent for more details.


Liquor insurance is a form of insurance that protects establishments that sell or serve alcoholic beverages from common liabilities. These liabilities consist of the backlash associated with the patrons immediate actions after leaving your business. This backlash is primarily associated with the risk of intoxicated drivers and the repercussions. Your insurance agent can assist you in selecting the correct liquor insurance for your company.

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