Achieve an Outstanding Pearl Top Coat with Plasti Dips

You may have been wondering how people achieve the pearl look on their vehicles, besides paying a ton of money to have it customized. The answer is simple, Plasti Dip Pearlizer. Pearlizer can be added to the finish of a vehicle to give it a frosty yet classy look that catches the attention of people that you drive past. It is hard not to look at a vehicle that has a very subtle shimmer that gives off the feel of pearls. The white sheen of Pearlizer also protects the paint job beneath it. When you use Plasti Dips to detail or dip your vehicle, you are making it look fabulous at the fraction of the price it would take you to have it done professionally.

Plasti Dip Is Easy to Use

When you see artistically ‘painted’ cars, it may seem as if it is an impossible task that you could not even fathom re-creating for yourself. Plasti Dip takes the worry out of being a professional painter and gives you the option of creating your own work of art. Since it is easy to peel once it is dry, you can try again if you feel like you made a mistake. It simply pulls from the surface of a vehicle while leaving the paint job and top coat underneath intact. If you feel like you need to know more before you try adding Pearlizer to your vehicle, you can easily find video tutorials, or you could take a class that helps you learn dipping techniques hands-on!

Make Your Car as Smooth as Satin

Pearlizer can make your car look and feel as smooth as satin. Once you become comfortable with applying Plasti Dip you will want to dip all sorts of objects, as well as vehicles. You can change the look on your vehicle as often as you like and finish it off with Pearlizer. But do not forget the interior of your car either. You can dip the console, dash, steering wheel and many other aspects of the interior of a car. There are practically no limits. Now you can match the inside and outside of your vehicle. If you want a dramatic effect, try adding Pearlizer to trim and accessories on your car. This look is spectacular on darker cars where it can be showcased in a dramatic fashion.

Pearlize Your Hub Caps

Perhaps you are not ready to add a pearl sheen to your entire car or even the trim. That does not mean you cannot protect your hub caps while giving them a shimmering pearl look. This looks spectacular on lighter colored cars, as well as white and cream colored cars. Imagine what it will look like when you are driving with pearlized hub caps. When you come to a stop it will be even more noticeable. Do not be surprised if you are stopped and ask where you got those fabulous hub caps.

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