A Nursing Home Negligence Attorney in Gonzales, LA Understands the Signs of Abuse

Families often have a difficult time when it is time for Mom or Dad to move into a nursing home. They’ve all tried hard to keep this elderly person living at the family home, but the situation has become unsafe. Afterwards, one of the most emotionally trying experiences is suspecting or discovering that their loved one has been dealing with negligence or even outright abuse at that care facility. The family should contact a nursing home negligence attorney in Gonzales, LA as soon as possible for a free consultation.

The Risk of Negligence and Abuse

Unfortunately, residents of long-term care facilities are most at risk of negligence and abuse compared with disabled, elderly people living with relatives or in assisted living. They are so dependent on staff members that they are particularly vulnerable when an employee becomes frustrated, overworked and exhausted.

Relevant Statistics

These problems have the potential to affect enormous numbers of seniors. About 1.6 million elderly people live in nursing homes, with around half of them being 85 years old or older. Some are very ill and only reside in a nursing home for a short time. Others spend years in this environment because of a chronic disabling physical condition or dementia, or both.

Examples of Potential Signs

A nursing home negligence attorney in Gonzales, LA understands the signs of long-term care residents being treated poorly and recognizes the description by the family. The person may become visibly anxious when a certain caregiver enters the room. When a family member visits unexpectedly, they may find the person in a poor state of hygiene. The person may become more reclusive and start refusing to eat.

Concluding Thoughts

Researchers in the topic believe that this problem is underreported, occurring to much more than people know about or even suspect. Since so many of the symptoms are associated with cognitive issues, it can be hard to determine whether negligence is the underlying cause. Not everyone who is abused has physical signs like bruises or worse. A family that is struggling with questions may visit us at the firm of Pujol, Pryor & Irwin.

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