A Lawyer can Help a Sick Person File a Successful Claim for Social Security Disability in Kansas City

When Americans become too sick to work, they turn to the Social Security Administration for disability benefits. Often these people have paid into the Social Security system for many years. They are angry and confused when this system sets up confusing hurdles that keep them from receiving these needed benefits. People who are dealing with a serious and debilitating illness have a hard time jumping over these hurdles. They should hire a lawyer to help them with their Social Security Disability in Kansas City claim.

The disability lawyer helps the person fill out the forms pertaining to their illness and work history. They will have to list all of their jobs and what they were required to do on the job. This includes listing all of the machines they used during the day and how much they were required to sit or stand. They must also include any type of accommodation that the employer gave them and explain why it didn’t help. If Social Security claims reviewers don’t believe what the person includes in the application, they are supposed to collect supporting evidence. However, they often deny claims instead of contacting doctors and employers. Therefore, the lawyer will collect this information and include it with the application.

The Social Security Administration has published a book containing a listing of illnesses and injuries that disable people. For each listing, it delineates criteria that determine the extent of a person’s disability. This book has not been updated in many years and doesn’t contain recently defined illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. If a person has filed a Social Security Disability in Kansas City claim for one of these illnesses, the lawyer will contact medical specialists to bolster the disability claim. He may even suggest that the applicant be evaluated by a vocational expert to determine their level of disability.

The Grundy Disability Group LLC is one of the law firms that help sick people file their disability claims. A person can get more info here about the services they provide. There is a free claim evaluation form that they can use to contact a lawyer.

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