A Guide To House Demolition Silverdale WA

House Demolition in Silverdale, WA, is a type of contracted service where a residential home or structure is completely removed. Demolition Contractors use heavy machinery to break down the house and then remove it from the site. Typical machinery utilized is an excavator, bulldozer, and backhoe.

The heavy machinery is often owned by the demolition company outright or rented based on job requirements. Some companies find that renting instead of buying decreases overhead. Those who choose to rent secure the machinery for only the days in which they are required.

The demolition site is evaluated based on the age of the structure. The year in which it was built determines whether it contains asbestos or lead-based paint. The EPA has strict requirements for these two hazardous materials. A building or health inspector must sign off or approve the demolition before it begins. Additional permits may be required.

The building material utilized to build the house or structure affects the chosen machinery. For instance, houses constructed of materials such as concrete or heavy-duty steel require larger bulldozers. Wooden structures are torn down with excavators or smaller bulldozers. The building material also affects the machinery used to move demolition debris throughout the site.

Contractors often bid on demolition jobs when available. Bids are submitted to the property owner if privately owned. However, some homeowners hire a demolition service outright based on their preferences. Abandoned or condemned properties are purchased by city officials and demolished by the highest bidder. These bids are submitted to the city official who possesses the property deed.

The way in which the demolition is performed depends on two important factors. They are the size of the house and whether it possesses a large-scale foundation. Homes that are less than 1500 square feet do not require foundation removal, whereas houses that are larger in size do. Smaller homes also do not present has any environmental issues as greater structures.

A professional house demolition in Silverdale, WA, requires other services, including waste management. Some contractors rent a commercial dumpster from waste management companies. All debris is loaded into the large-scale dumpster and eliminated by the based on the state or federal guidelines.