A Full Service Moving Company in New Orleans – What to Expect

You may be moving in or around the New Orleans area for any number of reasons, including an employment opportunity. However, regardless of the reason, you can benefit by the services provided by a full service moving company. New Orleans is served by a number of relocation companies that have the resources and skilled manpower necessary to perform all the tasks necessary to get you and your possessions to your new destination in a timely and efficient manner.

Moving Estimate
The first service a full service moving company will offer you is an estimate for services. If you are moving soon, be prepared to explain to your prospective mover exactly what you need done. The moving agency can provide you with an accurate quote for services.

It is necessary to plan relocation efforts in advance in a thorough manner. There are many moving parts to a relocation project. Residential moving customers want to get into their new homes according to a preferred schedule. Commercial moving customers want to minimize downtime to their businesses. Planning is key to make sure everything is done on time and according to schedule.

Specialty Packing and Crating
You may have special items that need special attention when it comes to packing. Sensitive equipment or valuable items that can break easily should be packed or crated with special care. Make sure your moving company is able to provide you with these services.

Short and long term storage solutions help both commercial and residential moving customers have the flexibility they need with their items and their new office space or residence. Take advantage of and storage services that accompany your relocation package. Be sure that the facility designated to house your items is protected with security alarms and fire suppression capabilities.

Post-Move Cleaning for Commercial Offices
After all the items have been cleared out of an original business location, it’s important to employ post-moving cleaning services. This service can be provided by a full service moving company for businesses in the process of relocating to a new destination. The results will be a space that is cleaned and prepared for the next occupants to take it from there.

Your full service moving company can offer additional services as well to help make your transition to your new home or facility efficient and seamless.

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