A Few Tips For Rat Control In Oceanside

It can be a really good idea to seek professional help for rat control in Oceanside if you have a rodent problem. Getting rid of rats can be quite the task, especially if they have been in or around your home for some time. Rats can have from four to seven litters of young every year, and each littler can have anywhere from six to twelve young. In other words, rats can take over really fast. As a homeowner, there are things that you can do to discourage rats from settling into your property. Here are a few tips for practicing your own method of rat control.

One of the first things that you can do is to inspect your home and property for rats on a regular basis. Be aware for any activity that might be suspicious or rodent-like. There may be burrows in your yard or chewed out holes in your foundation or home. These may be obvious signs that there is a problem.

Another thing you can do is to be clean around your home and avoid accidentally feeding the rats. Manage your hard well by keeping it tidied up and well maintained. Keep equipment outside stored properly and check around them often to make sure rats aren’t turning them into a home. Clean up after pet messes and avoid leaving pet food out overnight or leaving your trash cans uncovered.

You can also exercise rat control in Oceanside by taking care with any construction around your home. Try to build low to the ground, and where you can’t build low use quarter inch wire mesh. Rats can squeeze into spaces as small has half of an inch, so quarter inch mesh should help deter them. To also help keep the rats from burrowing under decks and the foundation, be sure the mesh extends at least twelve inches underground.

Just like with mosquitoes, you can also help prevent rats by eliminating any standing water around your home. This just adds to the rats’ water supply, so eliminating it can help keep the rats from sticking around. It also helps prevent a mosquito breeding ground in the summer.

If you do find that you still have a rat problem, you might consider calling for professional rat control in Oceanside. A professional can help to eliminate your rodent problem for good. Remember that even after the rodent is gone, however, it is up to you to live in such a way that keeps them from coming back. Consider a few of the tips above and give them a try before you have a problem. It might help to keep your rodent problem from developing in the first place.


Rat control in Oceanside might actually start with you, but we can step in and give you a hand, too. For additional tips on what you can do to help with rat control in Oceanside, call a professional today.

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