A Diamond in the Rough

Some stones are recognizable by their make-up and construction, often taking the shape of a specific pattern or color or prismatic appearance. One such stone, known as alexandrite generally has a translucent yellow-green hue but because it is a strong pleochroic gem it will also exhibit a variety of other colors, including orange, red, emerald and brown, depending on the way the light hits it and the viewpoint from which it is observed. However, one of the more distinctive features of alexandrite is that under artificial—such as halogen—light it can alter color from red through to green, depending on the absorption of light involved. Also, in a small yellow part of the spectrum it will change, and whilst it allows bigger bands of the red or blue-green wavelengths to transmit.

Alexandrite is one of three gem stones that come under the Chrysoberyl umbrella. One of the features of these crystals are their cyclic twin—trillings—which appear hexagonal. Moreover, aside from the hexagonal feature, they are also a result of ‘twin triplets’. These oddities of natures are defined by their triple pair shaped indentations that appear at 120 degrees apart.

Natural and Synthetic Alexandrite

Natural alexandrite can be found in many places around the world—one of them being Russia, in the Ural Mountains—where the stone is green during the day but a dark lush red at night. Like diamonds alexandrite’s purity is measured in carats and was first discovered by Nils Gustaf Nordenskiold, who named his find after Tsar Alexander II of Russia, even before he became Tsar. Hi early findings were the ‘happy accident’ that he found when he was examining a Perovskii mineral sample that he had identified as an emerald.

Some pieces of jewelry, for instance some sterling silver alexandrite rings, might be made from naturally created alexandrite. However, there is a synthetic version, made using a method called ‘floating zone’, whereby artificially grown crystals form a various shades of colored alexandrite rings, which can just as easily be used in jewelry and any other item that genuine alexandrite can be used in. Some of the most astonishing pieces of jewelry contain alexandrite and it is an ever popular crystal gem used for all manner of items.

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