A Chiropractor in Atlanta Knows the Connection Between Stress and Back Pain

Back pain is commonly associated with negative emotional states, but that doesn’t mean it’s only in the person’s mind. Esteemed institutions like Harvard University support the concept that feelings of stress, anxiety and worry can cause or worsen back pain. A chiropractor in Atlanta, as a holistic practitioner, fully understands the link between the mind and body and provides alternative care for patients.

A Very Common Problem

Low back pain is a very common problem among men and women of any age. Some only have one major episode in a lifetime while others experience low back pain occasionally. Then there are men and women who develop chronic back pain that reduces their quality of life. They may experience discomfort every day, or it may come and go. A chiropractor in Atlanta may ask questions about whether you are dealing with an unusual amount of stress at work or at home when flare-ups occur.

Muscle Tension

A major reason for stress being connected with back pain is the tendency to have chronic tense muscles under these circumstances. Muscle tension is a cause of back discomfort.

Subluxations and Stress

Chiropractors view stress as a cause of musculoskeletal misalignment. They call specific areas of spinal misalignment subluxations. The discomfort can be aggravated by emotions of anxiety or depression, which tend to make pain feel worse. If you want to seek chiropractic treatment for back pain that may be related to stress, you can find contact details for Le Reve Spinal Care & Pain Management Clinic at the website.

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