6 Smart Ways to Shop for Auto Parts

Shopping for car parts can cost you a lot. So if you want to make sure you aren’t paying for more than you should, here are tips to help you shop smart:

Don’t rush

We get it. You don’t like spending all that time going to different sources. In fact, if the first site you see on your SERPs page has the parts you need, you’d likely buy from that site and consign the rest to oblivion. But rushing through the buying process is a sure-fire way to buy overpriced parts. So take your time.


With a little time and research, shopping for car parts should be easy. There are plenty of sites you can choose from so choice isn’t going to be an issue. For performance parts in Royal Oak, you could look up auto parts store for options.

Cost isn’t the only factor

Price is a major consideration but it should be the only one on your plate. Factor in other things like warranties, freebie offers and other deals. You might spend a bit more but if you get a lot in exchange, then you’ll end up on the receiving end of a good deal.

Consider delivery time

Some parts from overseas take more than a month to get to you. So if you need that part now, make sure you take a look at the delivery times first, says Road and Track.

Know your number

Before you buy anything, make sure you phone your dealership to confirm the specific part number for the part you need to buy. If you get that wrong, then you might blow money on a part you actually don’t need.


Try and negotiate for a better deal. Just remember to be polite when you do. The more likable you are, the better your chances are at scoring a good deal.

That’s it. You’re more than ready to get your car shopping started. Good luck!

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