5 Tips For Repairing Wood Floors in NYC

Newly installed hard wood flooring is impeccably perfect and beautiful, however after years of use it inevitably succumbs to issues that mar its beauty. These include problems such scuff marks, scratches, stains, dullness and dents. The following are five tips for repairing these common problems with Wood Floors in NYC.

1. Scuff marks – Scuff marks, caused by rubber and that appear as long dark streaks on wood floors, are easy to remedy with the right tools. Use a soft cloth and hardwood floor cleaner to rub away minor scuff marks. For those that are more stubborn, use a wool pad with an extra-fine grade to buff them away.

2. Scratches – Scratches are a common issue with wood floors that are extremely unsightly. Hide minor scratches with specially made stain-filled markers that work to blend the scratched surface with the surrounding wood finish. For deep scratches, it is imperative to use a sander to buff the affected area before apply several coats of wood finish.

3. Stains – Wood floors are prone to stains if puddles of water sit on its surface for too long. Remove minor water stains from wood by using a little mineral turpentine and a fine-grade steel wool pad to rub them out gently. For severe water stains, it is necessary to sand or bleach the area, and then use wood finish to blend it seamlessly with the surrounding undamaged flooring.

4. Dull Finish – Over time, wood floors lose their natural luster and sheen, becoming dull and drab looking. If this is the case and the hardwood flooring does not have many scratches to repair, fixing the problem is as simple as applying a new coat of wood finish. A coat or two is all it takes to return a vibrant glow to the wood floor.

5. Dents – Nothing ruins a smooth wood floor surface like unwanted dents, pits and pockmarks. For fixing minor dents, a simple solution is introducing a small amount of water to the area. This encourages the wood to swell and return to its original shape. For deeper dents, the only true remedy is sanding and refinishing the wood.

Use these five simple tips to repair specific problems with your Wood Floors in NYC. Protect your property investment by making repairs to your wood floor finish when necessary. The result is flooring that is just as beautiful as its original installation.


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