5 Common Types Of Fencing In Nassau County

There are plenty of reasons homeowners install fences around their properties. Some want to add privacy to their yards and some want to add protection. There are some homeowners who install fencing around their property to increase the curb appeal of the home, and there are homeowners who are required to install a fence around the swimming pool. There are several types of fencing a company that specializes in Fencing Nassau County can install. The material the homeowner chooses would depend on the reason they are installing the fence.

Post and Rail Fencing

If the homeowner wants to install a fence to establish the perimeter around their property, this is a great option. Post and rail fences can be placed around the property and won’t obstruct the view from inside. Since this type of fence doesn’t provide much security, it is not the best type for homeowners with pets and children.

Wood Panel Fencing

Wood panel fencing is great if the homeowner wants to add privacy or security to the yard. This type of fence can be four to six feet high, and the panels are placed closely together. It will keep neighbors from seeing the homeowner’s property and it will confine children and pets to the yard.

Aluminum Fencing

If the homeowner is adding a fence to keep the home secure and to keep intruders at bay, aluminum fencing is great. Not only is it difficult to climb, it is also almost impossible to break.

PVC Fencing

If the homeowner is looking for a type of fence that requires very minimal maintenance, PVC fencing is great. It won’t rot or peel the way wood fencing does and it won’t rust the way iron fencing can. To keep the fence looking nice, the homeowner would simply need to wash any dirt and debris with a hose.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is great for the homeowner who is installing a fence on a budget. Changes in chain link fences have been made over the years that make it a great residential fencing option. If the homeowner wants to add privacy to their property, they can use the privacy slats that come in a variety of colors.

If a homeowner is planning to install a fence around their property, they will want to call a reputable company that installs Fencing Nassau County. For more information, contact Precision Fence LLC or click here.

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