4 Ways to Get the Best Deal When You Sell Jewelry in Chicago

Household debt in the U.S. has risen to $13.3 trillion in the second quarter, Reuters reports. With rising debt loads, it’s only wise and practical to find other means of getting cash. One way to do that is to sell jewelry in Chicago. If you’re selling pieces off to earn a bit of extra cash, here’s how to get the best deal.

Research your options

There are many ways you could sell jewelry in Chicago. You could go online and sell it. Go on eBay and have it auctioned off. Or choose cash-for-gold companies. You’ll want to check out these methods to work out options that are ideally suited for you.

Know what you have

Before you sell off your pieces, make sure you know what you have, Forbes says. Just because your mom says it’s a diamond ring doesn’t mean that’s really what you’ve got in your hands. Paying for a formal assessment, though, could cost you money. If the piece is under $2,000, then have it evaluated by the buyer instead.

Be realistic with the price

Unrealistic expectations with the price will only get you disappointed. You’ll want to look for a good appraiser to help you set the right price for your piece. Remember that the only reason people will buy your jewelry if it’s a good bargain or if they can make a tidy profit out of it so keep your price realistic. Otherwise, you’d have no takers.

Be ready

That diamond ring may mean a lot to you, especially if it was given by someone you love. But if you need to sell, make sure you’re emotionally ready to do this. Leave out your emotions from selling. Remember, while your jewelry pieces may hold a lot of meaningful memories, they are only material things. The peace of mind you get knowing your bills are paid is much more important. Visit Chicago Gold Gallery online for more information.

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