4 Tips for Creating a College Application Video

While the college admissions essay is far from obsolete, many students with specific skills and talents are creating college application videos to enhance their chances of receiving that coveted acceptance letter. If you want your application to stand out, follow these 4 tips to create a spectacular video.

Make the video short by focusing on a specific angle or theme.

Maybe you are a dancer who wants to be accepted into the college’s dance program, or perhaps you play the saxophone and are interested in a music major. Whatever the case, use a college application video to showcase your greatest talent or skill.

Introduce yourself and your talent.

Personalize your college application video by providing a glimpse of your personal motivations and goals. Maybe you became a dancer because your great grandmother was a famous vaudeville performer, for example. Give your video a touch of personality with insight into who you are.
This might take some preparation. Try storyboarding your video for mind mapping to generate ideas. The more creative your concept, the better your chances of success when admissions counselors review your submission.

Look for video-specific application instructions.

Some colleges, such as Tufts University and Maryland College, encourage students to apply with videos. If this is the case for your chosen institution, research the requirements and instructions to ensure your video falls in line.

For example, some colleges want you to give your admissions essay on video. You might be asked to answer a question, expound on a theory, or deliver a personal anecdote. Whatever the case, don’t wing it if the college requires specific footage.

Work with a professional.

Don’t film your college application video with your best friend’s cell phone camera. Instead, work with an experienced Video Production Company in Baltimore so your video is professionally produced and edited. This will ensure that your application stands out from the competition.

A Video Production Company in Baltimore, such as Business Name, will help you craft a video with all the trimmings, from clean audio to crisp visuals. Make sure you discuss your vision for the video with your production team so they understand exactly what you want.

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