4 Factors To Consider When Selecting National Moving Companies

by | Mar 11, 2015 | Moving

The further the distance is between Point A and Point B the more important it is to work with one of the national moving companies to handle the move. These companies are recognized and practiced at providing top customer service and support before and during the move.

National moving companies have the experience necessary to anticipate the needs of their customers and to provide services, support and features essential to make a potentially challenging time simple, easy and positive for the client. To determine if a company meets the criteria consider four important factors.

Dedicated Teams

Not all national moving companies in Jackson MS use the same professional movers throughout the move. In some cases, local help may be hired as day laborers if the moving company doesn’t have a crew in the area.

It is important to ask any national moving companies being considered about their staffing arrangements. Look for a company with dedicated teams of employees at either end of the move, as well as for storage if needed, to maintain a consistent method of handling your possessions.

Legal Requirements and Memberships

All national moving companies traveling across state lines must be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association. They will have a DOT or Department of Transportation number assigned and unique to the carrier.

This information is typically provided on the website for top national moving companies along with their membership in the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). These memberships and licensing requirements demonstrate a level of professionalism and accountability by the moving company.


It is very easy to read reviews past clients of national moving companies have posted online. Keep in mind not all people who move will post a review and those with a less than perfect experience are much more likely to post a review than a consumer with a good or very good experience.

Look for trends in the reviews to indicate the personalized service, the attention to detail during the move as well as how the company resolved or responded to any claims.

Options Provided

While most moving companies will provide custom packing and unpacking services for an addition cost, the top companies offer a greater range of services to support their clients.

These can include a personal move coordinator, the option to access information about the move through tracking systems provided by national moving companies. Moving companies may offer support with finding short term housing or storage if there is an unexpected delay in moving in. These services are typically listed on the company website, which is a great place to start your review.

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