3 Types of Surgical Dentistry That Can Help Improve Your Smile in Macon

Even if you have been diligent with your oral care, you may still develop problems that affect your ability to eat, speak, or smile. Fortunately, you can resolve those problems with several types of Surgical Dentistry In Macon, GA. Your dentist can explain which procedures are best for your situation, but it may be helpful to learn something about the most common procedures available to you.

Root Canal Procedure

If a cavity isn’t caught early enough, it will grow and spread to the pulp of the tooth. This is the area that contains blood vessels and nerve endings, which is why you experience more pain when the pulp of the tooth decays. You can get this problem treated when you search for “dentistry near me” and schedule the root canal procedure. A root canal involves drilling through this area to remove the decayed parts of the tooth. Once the cavity has been painlessly removed, the dentist will provide a filling and cap the tooth.

Dental Implant

If you have lost a tooth or had one extracted, you’ll be left with a gap in your smile, which will expose the gum tissue and surrounding teeth to more bacteria. Undergoing surgical dentistry in Macon, GA, may involve installing a dental implant in this gap. The implant will be screwed into the bone to mimic the root of the tooth. Once the gum tissue grows around the implant, the rest of your teeth will be protected.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

You may need to have the wisdom teeth towards the back of your mouth extracted. If these teeth become impacted, you’ll experience discomfort and difficulty chewing. In this case, search for “dentistry near me” to find a dentist to extract your wisdom teeth.

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