3 Reasons Why You May Need Help From a Child Support Attorney

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Lawyers and Law Firms

In an ideal situation, parents are able to come to an agreement on everything related to child custody and support. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. It may be necessary to go back to court and attempt to make corrections that ensure the child is cared for properly. If any of the following is happening, it’s time to hire a Berwyn child support attorney and find out what can be done.

Custodial parents depend on support from noncustodial parents to cover a portion of the costs of raising a child. When that support is not forthcoming, action should be taken. An attorney can advise the custodial parent on what legal redress is possible, up to and including a petition to the court to garnish the noncustodial parent’s wages.

Noncustodial parents may also feel the need to seek out a Berwyn child support attorney when the terms of the visitation agreement are being denied. In this scenario, the court will want to know why the child is being denied access to the noncustodial parent. Depending on what’s happening, this may lead to an amendment of the visitation schedule and possibly who receives financial support to care for the child.

Financial changes can also have an impact on how much is paid in child support. For noncustodial parents who are out of work or who have to take a job that pays much less, seeking an amended figure may be wise. In like manner, a custodial parent may petition for an increase in child support if the noncustodial parent’s income increases significantly. A Berwyn child support attorney can look over the circumstances and provide advice about seeking some sort of amendment.

Keep in mind that the courts place a lot of emphasis on what’s best for the child. Whatever action the lawyer recommends, it will be based on how the court is likely to react and if the client does in fact have a case.

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