3 Reasons to Hire a Rockford, IL Lawyer After a Car Accident Injury

by | Feb 7, 2024 | Lawyer

Many things can happen after being in a car accident. Injuries can leave you with physical and economic harm. Medical bills pile up and you may lose income from being unable to work while you recover. But, you may also receive compensation that a car accident lawyer in Rockford, IL can help you obtain.

Generally, a lawyer can calculate the amount of damages that equals a fair compensation for your pain and suffering. Here are three reasons to have a lawyer on your side.

1. You Were Seriously Injured

Any injuries that you suffered deserve maximum compensation. An experienced lawyer knows how to navigate the legal system. They will work to build a strong case while you heal physically and emotionally.

2. Multiple Parties are Liable

A chain reaction or vehicle pileup means that more than one party may be held liable for your loss. Your car accident lawyer in Rockford, IL will resolve this complex claim and identify the original negligent source.

3. The Insurance Company Offers a Settlement

One tactic of insurance companies is to make a lowball offer to quickly settle your claim. You might be tempted because of mounting medical bills even though the amount does not fully compensate for your pain and suffering.

Contact a Law Firm You Can Trust

Crosby & Crosby Attorneys at Law knows the type of tactics insurance companies try to use against accident victims. Contact them to speak with a car accident lawyer from Rockford, IL with the experience and knowledge about Illinois law that you need.

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