2 Situations That Call for Help From an Emergency Dentist in Lakeview

While there are dental issues that can wait until tomorrow, other problems need to be dealt with immediately. How do patients tell the difference between a situation that can be handled the following business day and one that requires immediate help from an emergency dentist in Lakeview? Here are two examples that do call for help sooner rather than later.

Teeth That are Broken or Knocked Out

If an accident takes place that leaves the patient with broken teeth, there’s a good chance that an emergency dentist is needed. Doing so makes it possible to head off the potential for more damage and increases the odds of being able to save those teeth.

In like manner, there’s only a short window of time in which to insert a tooth after it’s been knocked out of the socket. Quick help from a dental professional increases the odds of successfully settling the tooth back into the socket and being able to keep it for many years to come.

Swelling and Bleeding That Won’t Stop

Swollen gums do indicate the presence of an infection. When the gum swelling is accompanies by bleeding that won’t stop, there’s no doubt that the patient needs to see an emergency dentist in Lakeview as quickly as possible. Prompt treatment of the swelling often helps to slow the flow of blood and puts the patient on the road to recovery.

When in doubt, call a dental clinic immediately. Describe what’s happening in detail. If the dental professional indicates that immediate attention is needed, head to the clinic at once. Doing so increases the odds of preventing further complications and prolonging the healing process.

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