Common Reasons for DNA Testing

Whether it is a child support case of custody battles, DNA Testing is a very common practice that is needed in a variety of different situations. The only way to get the test that you need is by finding a reputable company to perform the tests for you. In most cases, you will have many different companies to choose from in your area, so you will need to narrow down your options based on your personal preferences. The research that you do on prospective testing companies will be more than worth it in the long run. The following are a few of the common reasons why most DNA tests are performed.

Child Support Cases

One of the most popular reasons that a DNA test is performed is to establish paternity in a child support cases. There are many instances of fathers not claiming a baby as their own and neglecting to take care of them financially due to their denial on their relationship. Usually, the mother of the child will take it to the courts to get an order for the father to take a paternity. Depending on the results of the DNA test, the father will have to start paying child support on a regular basis.

Rights to an Inheritance

Another common reason that a DNA test will be performed is in the instance that a dispute is waged over an inheritance. If you are the party that is being denied your inheritance, then you need to demand a DNA test to settle any problems that may exist. In most cases, this is the only way that a person can truly establish their right to an inheritance. You need to get a DNA test just as soon as you start to have a problem with obtaining your inheritance.

Adoption Mysteries

Another very common reason that a DNA test is used is to settle the paternity of a person who gave up a child for adoption. For children of adoption, finding their birth parents when they reach a certain age is very important. If the records to their adoption are sealed, then it may be very hard to find out who their parents are. When the records are released to your, then you will need to get DNA testing done to verify the information given to you. For most people, having this definitive proof is the needed for them to process the emotions that they are feeling.

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