Use Residential Glass in Houston, TX to Makeover a Bathroom

People expect far more from their bathrooms today than they did just ten years ago. At that time, the typical bathroom was small and functional. No one expected to spend much time there. Today’s homeowner’s want their bathrooms to be an oasis where they can escape the stress of the world. In addition to having a soaking tub and spa shower, people want a beautiful space that pampers them visually. Residential Glass maker in Houston TX can help homeowners achieve this goal by adding glass shower walls and doors, along with updated mirrors.

Design professionals from Fashion Glass and Mirror Houston, TX can help homeowners create the bathroom oasis that they crave. Bathroom makeovers often begin with separating the tub and shower. Glass shower stalls give the bathroom a larger and more open feel. Customers can choose between framed glass doors and frameless styles. They can also opt for clear glass that almost disappears or etched glass that takes center stage in the design. Residential Glass in Houston TX manufactures all of their own glass. Therefore if a customer wants a shower door decorated with roses, it can be easily and quickly created.

Bathroom mirrors are an essential part of grooming. They can also reflect light and be an important design element. Large wall mirrors can reflect the outdoor landscape and make the room feel like an outdoor spa. Smaller mirrors can be placed over the sink for convenience. Talented glass cutters are available at Residential Glass in Houston TX for custom orders. Glass mirrors can appear to simply float on the wall or they can have ornate frames.

Once the bathroom design has been finalized it needs to be created efficiently. It’s difficult for homeowners to lose the use of a bathroom for a long period of time. When the interior designers and the people who create and install the pieces all work for the same company, it’s efficient to coordinate the design and installation phases. Companies that specialize in glass and mirrors know how to expertly install them right the first time. Customers can call for a free cost estimate and learn how long it will take to complete their bathroom makeover.

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