Three Types of Material Used for Metal Roofing in St. Charles, MO

There are a variety of roofing styles, profiles, and materials available for new roofs. Depending on the property, one type of roof may be better than another. One common type of roof that works for both residential and commercial properties is metal roofing. Roofs made of metal are popular because they are durable and hold up well to the elements. Three types of material used in Metal Roofing in St. Charles MO are steel, aluminum, and copper.

Roofs of Steel

One type of material used in metal roofing is steel. Steel is made of a carbon-iron alloy and a coating to help prevent rust. In one type of steel, this coating is an aluminum-zinc alloy, and in another type of steel, this coating is zinc only. Regardless of the type of steel used, roofs made from it are generally very strong and durable. They are resistant to fire, rust, and weather. In addition, they can be very affordable.

Roofs of Aluminum

Aluminum is another type of material used in metal roofing. Aluminum is a great material for metal roofs because it is naturally rust-proof as well as fire and weather-resistant. Roofs made from aluminum are very lightweight and durable. They can also be formed to almost any style and profile because aluminum is so malleable. Some property owners love that some of the aluminum used for roofing is post-consumer recycled waste.

Roofs of Copper

The third type of material used in metal roofing is copper. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful materials used in roofing. Over time, copper takes on a blue-green hue with specific colors and patterns that are unique. However, copper is a very expensive roofing material, so its use for full roofs is not widespread. For the most part, it is used for accents on homes, historical buildings, and churches.

Affordable Exteriors can provide several types of Metal Roofing in St. Charles MO. Whether a steel roof, an aluminum roof, or a copper roof is desired, their professional roofing contractors can help. They can help customers decide what style, profile, and material of roof will work best for their property. Installation of roofs on new construction is offered along with old roof replacements.

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