The pathway to getting an associate’s degree in nursing

The basic fundamental of nursing is to save lives, over and above that nurse’s work with doctors and manage staff. Being a nurse is not easy; it takes time and immense dedication, but upon completion the opportunities are endless.

An AND nursing program is a great way to help potential nursing students with the basic skills that they will need as well as allowing the student to get an in-depth insight into acceptable practices. This associate degree program enables the student to choose from the various nursing opportunities that are available, and there are many to choose from. Although it is recommended that the associate degree be pursued in a bricks and mortar college, there are online courses that eventually give the degree. Online courses do have the advantage that you do not have to attend classes or sit for admission testing; you can study at a pace which suits you.

There are many colleges that offer a AND nursing program that suits your personal expectations within reason. This associate degree arms you with the knowledge and qualifications that will allow you to move on to the next level in nursing. To become a registered nurse one must first finish an associate’s degree course. These courses were started when it became apparent that the demand for nurses could not be filled as quickly as needed as the course to become a registered nurse took so long. By cutting the course short and offering an entry level degree, the shortage of skilled nurses was stemmed, even through the holder of an associate degree must work alongside an RN most of the time.

When you pursue the AND nursing program on campus rather than online, you will be given exposure to practical and lab work. For this part of the course, as a student you will be assigned to the lab or clinic for a full eight hour day. Along with this clinical experience, your course will teach you the basics of patient care along with the knowledge you will need to take a patients vitals etc.

When you pursue a career in nursing, regardless of whether your goal is an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree, be prepared to work hard and be subjected to stress.

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