Quick and Effective Medical Treatment for Hemorrhoids – The Available Options

In most cases people try treating their hemorrhoids on their own by making lifestyle changes. However, in some cases these might not be enough, consequently, they will have to start thinking about quick and effective medical treatment for hemorrhoids.

There are minimally invasive procedures available

If you have an external hemorrhoid with a blood clot, your health care provider could treat it with a simple incision which would bring immediate relief. In case of painful and bleeding hemorrhoids, there are some other minimally invasive procedures your doctor could suggest that can be performed on an outpatient basis.

Rubber band litigation

During the procedure the doctor will place one or two small rubber bands at the base of the hemorrhoid to stop its blood supply. This will make the hemorrhoid fall off within a week. Although this is an efficient procedure, in some cases it could cause discomfort and bleeding. The side effects usually appear about four days after the procedure and they are fairly common.


This procedure involves an injection into the tissue of the hemorrhoid. The injection contains a specific chemical which makes the hemorrhoid shrink. Although this isn’t more painful than any other injections, it might not be as effective as rubber band litigation.


This technique uses an infrared or laser heat or light. The procedure makes the small bleeding internal hemorrhoids shrivel and harden. Although the procedure has few side effects, the recurrence rate is slightly higher than in case of rubber band litigation.

Hemorrhoid removal

When looking for quick and effective medical treatment for hemorrhoids, your doctor could suggest hemorrhoidectomy. During the surgery the doctor will remove the excessive tissue which causes the bleeding. There are different techniques for the surgeon to use. Usually the procedure is done under general anesthesia, but it is also possible for it to be performed with local anesthetic and sedation or spinal anesthetic.

This surgery is the most efficient way to completely treat recurring and severe hemorrhoids. The possible complications include urinary tract infections and difficulties emptying the bowel. It is common for patients to experience some pain after the procedure but there is nothing a little soaking won’t help with.

Hemorrhoid stapling is another available option, but the recurrence rate is higher as well as the chances of rectal prolapse. For more information on effective medical treatments for hemorrhoids contact Chicago Hemorrhoid.

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