How Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy in Dublin, OH, Go Together

Chiropractic care is known for its ability to align your spine, as well as other bones that are out of alignment. Today, many chiropractors are using massage therapy in addition to their adjustments to give patients the best of both worlds. When you combine both chiropractic care and massage therapy in Dublin, OH, you maximize the benefits you receive from each type of therapy. Because many patients are resistant to alignments, finding ways to help the body relax and accept the adjustment is the best thing you can do for your body.


When your spine or various other bones need realignment, your muscles might fight the realignment. This occurs because the strength of the muscles actually pulls the bones. An adjustment of your spine is not going to stop the muscles from pulling. Even if a chiropractor is able to get your spine realigned, you won’t feel the effects for long because your muscles will pull it back. When patients receive massage therapy before an adjustment, the muscles are loose enough to accept the adjustment and allow your body to accept it.

Eliminate Stress

Chiropractic adjustments can be stressful for some patients, which causes them to tense up. Rather than letting your body tense up and possibly reject the adjustment, you can obtain massage therapy in Dublin, OH, prior to your adjustment. This will allow your body and mind to relax and be able to undergo any chiropractic care that is necessary for your condition.

Decrease Pain

Many patients who see a chiropractor do so for pain management. Sometimes the treatment the chiropractor performs can increase the pain level for a short period of time as the body readjusts itself and gets used to the new position. Participating in massage therapy can help the body reduce its pain level before and after an adjustment, allowing patients to undergo more strenuous chiropractic care without experiencing high levels of pain or discomfort.

If you undergo chiropractic care and have difficulty dealing with it, have a high level of anxiety or stress leading up to your treatment or simply want to increase your body’s likelihood of adjusting well, you would benefit from having massage therapy in Dublin, OH. You can have the massage either before or after your treatment. This massage is the best way to help your body in the most natural way possible, allowing it to heal or recover from an injury or illness.

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