House Remodelers in San Antonio Can Update a Home

by | Mar 25, 2014 | Construction And Maintenance

People may want a new home, but not want to go through the hassle of selling their current home and buying a new one. The best solution for these people is to hire full-service house remodelers in San Antonio. The Shaw Remodeling company can handle small projects like repainting a few rooms to a full kitchen update. This allows a family to stay in the neighborhood they love and get all the modern amenities that they want. Often the kitchen is the first place homeowners want to change. An open floor concept plan allows people to see the kitchen from many places on the first floor. Therefore it’s important that it’s design go with the rest of the home.

While homeowners may not lke their current kitchen or bathroom, they may not know how to select new features to give them the look they want. The Shaw company employees design experts that can help them. People can call for a complimentary design consultation. The home design experts visit the home and explain the options available to the homeowner. He may want to change carpets to hardwood flooring. However there are dozens of kinds of hardwood to choose among. Hardwood flooring also comes in hundreds of colors. The design expert can suggest which hardwood floors are best for the family and the colors that will go with the existing decor.

In addition to the aesthetics of a home, people worry about heating and cooling costs. If homeowners have seen their air conditioning bill increase with no changes in usage, then they may need to replace their windows or roof. The house remodelers in San Antonio can suggest new energy-efficient windows that are constructed with more than one pane of glass. Safe gases are placed between the layers to provide insulation. In addition to keeping the home at a stable temperature, they also muffle outside noises.

San Antonio’s warm climate encourages outdoor living. Contractors can update a deck or patio and transform it into an active outdoor living space. They add electrical outlets and plumbing. Homeowners could watch television in their outdoor hot tub if they wish. When they work with an expert contractor he can customize a home to their interests and needs. Visit the website for more information.

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