Experts in Oriental Rug Restoration in Manhattan

There is no question that when it comes to beautiful and valuable rugs, Oriental rugs rate among some of the highest. Many people treat these rugs as delicate pieces of art, and, in many cases, they are. Unfortunately, whether you use your oriental rugs frequently, or you simply have them stored away, time can take its toll on these rugs. If the rugs have become damaged because of use, age or because of something such as fire, you may want to consider professional Oriental Rug Restoration in Manhattan as a possible solution to reclaiming the beauty and the value of your Oriental rugs.

Companies providing oriental rug restoration, like The Golden Horn, understand the delicate nature of these sometimes priceless rugs. That means that even if the rug needs only a simple cleaning, these rug restoration experts will take great care to ensure that the rug is cleaned properly and the color is restored to the rug, while not damaging the rug. With delicate fabrics and dyes used for the construction of some of the most expensive oriental rugs, harsher cleaning chemicals can actually damage the rug. These experts know the different types of dyes, know the different types of materials that were used to construct the rug, and they can use corresponding cleaners to get the rug completely clean, while keeping the beauty of the rug intact.

If the rug has been damaged by smoke or perhaps by fire, these experts can seamlessly re-size a rug, if necessary, and they can also complete extensive deeper cleanings to remove soot as well as any acrid smoke odors that may have gotten trapped in the fibers of the rug. The reality is that these experts can help restore even the most damaged rug, whether it’s cleaning or re-sizing that is needed.

If you have a decorative oriental rug, and you want to make sure that it lasts for many years, whether it’s in need of maintenance or whether it’s in need of complete restoration, experts in Oriental Rug Restoration in Manhattan should be your first and only call. With their experience and expertise with all types of valuable area rugs, you couldn’t ask for a better group of professionals working at restoring your expensive oriental rugs.

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