Choosing the Appropriate Lighting Services in Ft. Wayne, IN

When you turn to Lighting Services in Ft. Wayne IN for assistance with your lighting maintenance program, you’ll find you have a number of options. Your goal at this time needs to be to establish a partnership with the electrical contractor to ensure your needs will be met. This involves an analysis of the current lighting system as this allows the company offering the Lighting Service in Ft. Wayne, IN to develop a plan which addresses any problem areas. What options may be offered to the customer following this analysis?

Routine cleanings are a popular option with customers as clean lenses, lamps, and reflectors allow the expected amount of light to come through. The National Fire Protection Association recommends regular readings using a light meter to determine the necessary cleaning intervals. In most cases, lights should be cleaned whenever the light level drops between 15 and 20 percent, taking into account lamp lumen depreciation.

Over time, light output typically decreases and the maintenance firm needs to take this into consideration also. They need to look at the number of burnouts based on the life expectancy of the lamp. The company and the maintenance firm then need to work together to determine if group relamping or spot relamping is the better option. Most find group relamping to be the better option as all similar lamps are replaced at the same time when they reach approximately 70 to 80 percent of their average life. This is a preventative maintenance strategy while spot relamping is a reactive program.

Spot relamping takes place when a lamp fails. The main disadvantage to choosing this maintenance program is the disruption of activity as the electricians replace the lamp. This may interfere with normal business activity and lead to customer dissatisfaction. Lamp failure tends to be random, although it does increase with age. Remember this when determining which program is best for you.

This is just one area of many which need to be considered as you choose to go a lighting company and maintenance program. If a company isn’t willing to work with you to meet your unique needs, continue looking. Lighting contractors typically understand a one size fits all approach doesn’t work here, yet there are a few that still rely on one strategy. If you come across one who does, move on and find someone else. You’ll be glad you did over time.

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