Your Choices for Raised Panel Cabinets

by | May 9, 2013 | Construction And Maintenance

The flat doors found on many kitchen cabinets aren’t the right look for everyone. Some people prefer the look of raised panel cabinets for their kitchens, creating more depth for the cabinets. While this is only a small part of the decisions you have to make in regard to your kitchen cabinets, it is an important one. Once you have selected this style for your cabinets, you need to make the rest of the choices to achieve the look you desire.


Most kitchen cabinets are made from wood or at least have the look of wood. This means you will most likely choose between the many natural colors of wood. However, you may also wish to paint the cabinets to allow you to use another color you want for your kitchen. For instance, some people love the look of white cabinets instead of the natural shades of brown found in other kitchens.


Even though raised panel cabinets are a style all their own, there are other style choices you have to make. The shape of the raised panels, as well as additional carvings that can be found on them, will vary depending on the cabinets you choose. Browsing through the entire selection will allow you to determine which ones will look best in your kitchen.


Just like any other cabinets you would choose for your home, you will need to determine what type of hardware you use. Cabinets with raised panels can offer a variety of looks; everything hinges on the exact hardware you choose. While some people choose cabinets without handles at all, many people choose handles, from long, thin handles to small round knobs. In addition to the style of the handles, you will also have to choose a metal finish that will best complement the rest of your kitchen.

Turning your kitchen into the one of your dreams can all start with raised panel cabinets. If you have chosen to implement these cabinets into your kitchen design, work closely with a designer to ensure you make the best possible choices to achieve your vision. This includes choosing the color, the style of the raised panels and the hardware that will finish your cabinets. All these choices will have an impact on the final outcome of your kitchen remodel. Even if you are only replacing the cabinets, it will turn your kitchen into an entirely different place.

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